Board, Training & Lessons at Shaylee Stable.

  • Lessons at Shaylee
    No matter the weather, I can comfortably train your horse in nearby Chester, Vermont. Shaylee Stables has everything a trainer could need, from a tidy barn to a spacious indoor. Horses have individual turnout and great care.
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Rates and Training Options with Maya Dobush

  • Substantial Turnout
    We have moved! Still Sensible Horse Training, but now located at the Pond Farm in Andover Vermont. At the top of East Hill Road, you can see our beautiful farm taking shape into a training facility. We are still a functioning farm, raising beef, pork, turkeys and chickens.

Training Methodology

  • Lounging Sage
    I like a well-rounded horses with good sense of themselves. A horse with a lot of positive experiences has a good head on its shoulders. I don't believe in skipping steps or rushing horses; they all learn at different speeds.

Young Horses

  • Barrels 0ne
    Exposing horses to many situations helps them accept life's ordeals. These obstacles are also useful to adult horses that are nervous or just don't pay attention to you. Don't let a young horse sit idle, teach him something.

Merens Ponies & my trip to France

  • Harriet & Maya
    Harriet and I travel southern France in search of a pair of Merens ponies adequate for her.

Food For Thought

  • Piggy in a pool
    Everyone wants to eat better, but going to the grocery store is just so easy. Change your habits gradually. Once a week trying to buy from a Food Co-op, or better yet, a farmer. Not only are you helping yourself, you are also supporting another family.
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Lyra CB-Morgan Filly $3500

  • Lyra left side
    Lyra is a Cleveland Bay-Morgan Cross filly. She already shows her trainability and athletism at only 18 months old. Polite and well socialized, Lyra will be ready for serious training at three years old. She currently ties, trailers, leads and lunges. Lyra also goes through natural desensitizing in weekly sessions. Buy her now and plan your future together.

Current Horses For Sale Videos

  • Lyra CB-Morgan Filly $3500
    Lyra has an enriched life at the early age of two. She trailers, walks down the road and through the woods. She is eager to be with people and very trainable. Lyra could make a great combined driving horse, pleasure trail and a hunter. Your options are endless.
  • Paddington a.k.a Sanjar's Saga
    Paddi is ready to be someones life partner. He has more whoa than go. His relaxed disposition should make him good for a child advancing from beginner and ready for their first mount.

Driving Video Library

  • Missie "cones course" - YouTube
    2015 Missie and I at training level GMHA combined drive.
  • Missie, water hazard - YouTube
    This year I brought "Missie" to her first combined drive. Here we are at our first obstical ever. Look at how well a trusting horse does.
  • Watson and I, Training Level C.D.E GMHA, obstacle 1
    I finally moved from being a volunteer to a competitor. After helping out at two CDE's I was ready to try it for myself. I had a great horse and many supporters. We had a blast and learned a lot. We placed third at this CDE, improved our mistakes and took a first by our final one in the fall.

Teaching your horse to drive

  • Good halt
    Two to twenty, driving a horse is great exercise and good for the mind.

"Doc" Watson

  • Watson relaxing
    I can't believe Watson is six now. When I got him at two, he was gangly but sweet. Now, four years later we have both matured into a great team. Follow our development ever the years into a happy duo.

Cross-training Blue Moon

  • Halt in cart
    Follow along as Blue Moon is being retrained. Some of the steps might be useful for you and your horse. Maybe your horses training is like swiss cheese. Winter is a great time to re-evaluate and hone in on your horses weeknesses to improve them.