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Ahhhhh more beautiful snow.


Although today is my Birthday,  as an adult it doesn't have quite the same excitement as when you are a child.   I do enjoy it though.  I can't believe I was a little baby at one point!   I was excited to see how much snow we had gotten the night before.   Only about eight inches,  but enough to make everything beautiful.  So much has slid off our roof this winter it is already more than half way up the first story windows.

A Little Reality Check

  Zenonsfirst_day                         Last night my horse had a medium bout of colic.  I have never had this happen to me as an adult.  It happened to me as a kid but the memories are fuzzy now.  Anyone who doesn't know what colic is,  it's basically when the intestine of a horse gets crimped,  twisted or even knotted.  The pain is so intense,  horses bite at their sides,  paw the ground,  kick at there bellies and roll,  roll, roll.

For two hours straight,  I walked my 1100 pound friend.  I was trying to convince him that laying down wouldn't help at all.   Such a large animal leaves us feeling more helpless,  unable to give aid.  If you aren't familiar with horses,  just know,  they don't show emotion like other pets.  Horses don't whimper,  cry or scream in pain.  They are silent.  It is almost harder for a  witness to bear, than the agoney of stoic creature in our presence.   Once the vet came and administered a sedative and pain killer,  emotions calmed down.  I will spare you the gory details that are involved with a colic such as this.

I have had this horse since the day he was born 15 years ago.  After a long pleasant life,  I always imagined I would bury him on the farm. XenonmayaHe couldn't die somewhere  else,  in the middle of winter!  Everything and Anything was going through my head.

Zenon,  my horse pulled through.  The whole experience was a good reminder to slow down and appreciate everyone you love.  Take time to pet the barn cat,  smile to your chickens  and stay in bed just a little bit longer with the dog.  Of course, human companions can't be forgotten either.