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March 2008

Demolition to Renovation

I finally did some long overdue renovations to my kitchen and living room.  I have wanted to do this for a while,  but I need to ponder over change for a long time before I make a move.  With help from my friend Shawn,  Honza and I took down the wall between the two rooms.  A few years earlier,  I had replaced an original  girder in my cellar and had saved it.  This girder that was used to build my house in the 1850's  is now a centerpiece of my kitchen and living room.  The contrasting colors between the two rooms couldn't be better.  The dog loves the new room because she can always keep an eye on us.  We scraped up the old linoleum in the kitchen to expose the wide pine wood floors.  If it had been a town house and not a farm house,  I am sure the floors would have been maple.  Even 150 years later,  this house still reflects the frugality of its current residents.  Wall_behind_johnny_3 Ceiling_before_renovation_2 Wall_removal_2 Putting_in_beam_2Kitchen_view_2 New_veiw_2