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April 2008

The Start of a New Season

Chipmaya7   If we think this winter was powerful, spring has also come avenging.   We had snow two feet deep accompanied by two weeks of almost 70 degree weather, then everything was dry.  Now vegetation is sprouting or blooming.  Along with the increasing signs of spring are the endless phone calls of everyone wanting their horse trained.  I love this time of year.  I get to see who retained their previous training, who is new for the season, and of course new foals!

I will introduce present and past horses into my blog.  Every horse teaches me something new. I thrive on the new experiences I will encounter. 

To start this season I will introduce "Chip." He is a Baskir Curly, a breed I have become very fond of.  Honestly, I had never heard of the breed until I bought a farm down the road from one of the best and largest Curly breeders in the world.  Betsy Lirakus owns Top of the Hill Farm. Chip is one of her foundation Stallions.  Not only does Chip possess quality Curly genes, he also possesses traits that everyone would want in a horse.  He is cool, calm and collected.  Chip knows when to work and when to play.  In my photo album, I will include pictures of Chip as his training progresses and other favorites from Top of the Hill Farm.