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May 2008

A Great Day at the Office

Today was a great day at the office.  It started with

 my boyfriend and I going for an A.M. trail ride.  This picture is Pumpkin,  check out the photo album of his progress. 

Trail II

Then my first horse off the farm went well too.  "Tango"  is suffering from anxiety when mounted from the ground.  With a little more "sacking out"  or "desensitizing" as all the natural horse-people call it,  Tango is getting used to the idea that standing still really is the best option.

My second horse off the farm is a beautiful Andalusian-Arab mare.  Two breeds that couldn't be more romantic.  Alexis is a very smart horse,  maybe too smart.  She is going through a little rebellious stage in training.  Like a teenager,  Alexis has to think it was her idea in order to co-operate.  By the end of the lesson,  she was happy as ever to trot around the ring with no hesitation.

My third horse is definitely a favorite.  She is a very intense filly.  Bred for speed and accuracy,  I don't think I could ride this quarter horse in a competition she is bred for.  So willing to please,  but wound so tight.  After more ground work than the average Joe,  today I "backed" Hickory for the first time.  Hickory is smarter than the average Joe.  I feel honored to have been allowed into  Hickory's trust.  Things couldn't have gone smoother.

My day ended with taking Pumpkins'Carrie trail owner Shannan,  and Shannan's sister Carrie for a trail ride.  It was a perfect evening.

First Show for 2008

Zribbon08   This  Saturday and Sunday I had my first horse show of the 08 season.  Zenon and I competed at Green Mountain Horse Association in the Schooling Jumper level.  In the four classes we had,  we had an O.C. fourth, eigth and a second.  I am very lucky to have a supportive family.  Earlier in the week my mom sent me a card reminding me I was in her thoughts.  Saturday my father, Basil and his wife, Donna made the two+ hour trip up to watch.  On Sunday my sister,  Tatiana and her boyfriend Troy,  my boyfriend Jan and my friend Margaruite all made it.  It is so great to have such a support group! 

Zenon was the real star of the weekend.  This was his first Jumper show.  Although we have many things to learn,  everything he knows as of now,  he put his heart into.  He also made up for my mistakes when I rode him in too close to a jump.  I read a quote,I believe in the book " The de Nemethy Years,  One Man's Influence on American Riding" by Paula Rodenas.   By far one of the greatest horse trainers of modern history, Bertalan de Nemethy said "You can teach a horse 80% and the rest is up to him."  Everytime I make a mistake and my mount corrects it,  those words pass through my mind.

ZjumpGMHA0508 Zdownjump0508 I like the second photo best.  It shows how form can be a little crazy early in the season.  A photo says a thousand words,  for good or bad!