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July 2008

Annual Mount Ephriam Ride

Wendy & Jan top Every year we take a ride up Mount Ephraim.  Many astrologists know this mountain due to the Stellafane Observatory.  From our house it about a three hour leisurely ride.  It is great for young horses.  This trip I brought a three year old filly I have in training.  It was her first group ride.  She was great,  even lead through narrow gullies and through water.    This  year my friend Wendy came with her six year old Trakehner, Lorry rode her Quarter-horse mare,  Jan my boyfriend rode Noodle our 19 year old Appendix, and I rode a three year old Quarter-horse.Lorry top of Ephraim

Lorry almost to the top

After that Jan and I went to the Windsor County Agricultural Fair.  It is a great little fair to experience a taste of rural living.  I really like the Ox Pull.  I think horses are big, one team was over 6,000 pounds.  They are so docile too.  Just like with horses,  the handler makes all the difference.  The calmer the handler,  the more cooperative the animal.  Just like in the "real" world. 

 I gave a riding lesson to a 9 and a half year old girl today.  Gianna quoted  "the more patience you have,  the better the horse is"  I told her that is only the tip of the iceberg.  Kids really have an amazing perspective on things.