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September 2008

Where has the summer gone?

I can not believe the summer is over.  I guess it is like every year,  fast and furious.  This is precisely why I haven't written in a couple months.  My show season was cut short due to the need of a root canal.  Being self employed has its benefits and downfalls,  the latter being one that I have to pay for dental work out of pocket.

One of my new horses for the summer is Lacy.  She is a Morgan mare,  whom I like to compare to a sorority girl.  She likes the fact that she is pretty,  but doesn't want to work too hard at it.  I feel like our training sessions are more of me trying to prove to her that I am worthy.  I have to convince her that carrying herself properly is her idea,  not mine.  The give and take of working with different horses is great,  I continually am improving my "conversations" with them.