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October 2008

A Day at the Farm

Horse training is only a portion of my life.  Another portion is farming.  Today was a big day at the farm.  My pigs got slaughtered and it this is never easy.  Since I decide to eat meat,  I feel I should raise most of what I can myself,  to insure that these animals get a great life and a good death.

After dealing with a slaughterhouse that did not leave me with great feelings.  I found a man that does it right at my house.  He and his son are very professional,  nice and good spirited.  My pigs did not have any stress,  and neither did I.

I don't feel this is neccessary for everyone,  but as long as I am willing,  I want to do it.

The end of my day was sending a young horse home to be with his owner.  I was very proud to watch my "student horse"  safely negotiate terrain with his owner on his  back.  He even impressed me more when he lead the way on a trail he had never been on.  I never got a picture of him or him being ridden by his owner.  This is always an afterthought.  But the smiles and hugs I will remember forever.