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November 2008

Winter Projects Begin

Wine rack II 

When the day light shortens and I get through the transitional period of just going to bed when the sun goes down,  I start tinkering in the basement.  I have a work areas,  a grinder,  a vise,  a welding table and a table saw for starters.  Because I bought my house from a farrier,  I am also blessed with a couple hundred horse shoes he left behind.  I used to sell these wine racks at a store in Ludlow.  Unfortunately the store closed,  and I haven't pursued a new avenue.  I also make barn door handles.  These I have sold to a client in South Londonderry.  When he restored his 200+ year old barn and detailed it with my handles,  I was very honored.

Happy Halloween

Bird on a Beam Here is a mask I made tonight.  I took an older water gourd,  or maybe it is a birdhouse gourd,  cut off the bottom and used the top to make a bird beak.  I was thinking of the big nose-bird masks you see in operas.  Not that I have been to many operas,  but I saw them in the Amadeus movie.  Happy Halloween and have fun.