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December 2008

New Years Resolution 2009

2009 bring it on Ok,  I I am not about to make a negative resolution that forbids me to eat or drink something.  Life is too short for that and I am going with the positive this year.  My resolution is to get Zenon and I into two competitions this year that we have never done.  One will be competetive trial and the other will be a combined driving event.

I will probably never master one discipline,  but that is okay with me.  I would rather have a good understanding of many equine sports than limit myself,  and my horses. 

What is your resolution?? 

The silent owner...

Dad & I in '85 This is my fatherBasil & Doc Basil. 

My dad rode with my sister and I  from the very beginning of our "horsey" start.


As the story goes,   my father was a groom for his best friend,  who was a show jumper.  So my dad had some hands on experience,  whether for good or bad I don't know.  Every horse show scene,  has a behind the scene.  From a little girls perspective,  my dad new it all.  He taught me how to ride and drive.  As I advanced,  he went to every show with me,  and still does.

My dad helped me make the decision to take on a new horse.  We are partners on this deal.

Dad and his wife Donna are the owners and I am the trainer.  I am so excited for this new venture...

Apre Christmas

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!!!

Maya snowshoing I hope everyone had a great holiday.  Mine was enriched with family time.  Luckily for me,  Jan's family follows the Czech tradition of having the celebration on Christmas Eve.  That frees up Christmas Day for visiting my family and not having to choose.   I am more excited that the Winter Equinox has passed and the days are getting longer. 

I love winter too.  My life from '89 to about '93 was consumed with snowboarding.  Every winter thought was based on it.  Now I could care less.  I enjoy snowshoeing and cross country skiing much more.  It is not only warmer than snowboarding,  but usually more serene.  Yes I guess I could hike and not use a chairlift,  but the  only back country snowboarding  I ever did was not that rewarding compared to the hike.Jan snowshoing

Our second good snow of the year enticed us to dig out our gear.  The moon was about half full and  gave us plenty of light.  These are the same trails we horse-back ride on the rest of the year.  Usually we pack down a nice trail with the snow shoes,  then in the days following we ski on them.

Let the Training begin!


Honza & Doc  Yesterday John suggested we take the dog for a walk to loosen our stiff muscles.  Tuesdays and Thursdays are our work out classes for our local riding club "CHAPS".  John is the instructor and takes no mercy.   As sore as I was,  a walk did sound good.  John got the leash for the dog and I grabbed Doc from the paddock.   Traffic is one of the most serious things horses have to get used to.  So why not start when they are little!  Doc not even two yet,  will have a good year and a half of walking down the road in him before I even ride him.

At first,  Doc was pretty unaffected by the cars.  It being an overcast day,  headlights came on early and that along with a steady stream of four or so cars got him a little excited.  I am always amazed at the different ways drivers react to horses.  Most are kind and slow down,  some are ignorant and don't.  Those aren't the ones that upset me.  Its the ones who have forgotten our early history and dependence on horses.  They don't like to share the road and let you know it. 

Oh well,  for better or worse,  Doc is getting a lesson in life.  Our two mile jaunt was fun, educational,  and most of all,  did get my mind off of my aching muscles.



My two "boys"   Zenon and Noodle have been with me for 16 years.  Noodle is my retired eventing/jumper.  At almost 20, he has been with me through many pivotal points in my life.  Noodle saw me graduate high school,  was my confidant when my parents divorced.  Kept me responsible during college,  and was present at my wedding reception.  Five years later,  Noodle proved to be more loyal than a human and was my shoulder to cry on when I got a divorce.

Now Noodle is teaching many people how to ride better,  including my boyfriend.  This horse is wiser than most people I know.    So when I watch is hips loosen,  and step not quite so high,  it kills me to think I am going to have to find another horse like him.

I am with horses almost always,  I meet allot of them and have owned a few great ones.  I have trained them and sold them to great homes.  But none were "the one"  and never at a time when I needed one.   Maybe in the back of my mind I have been looking but didn't want to except the fact that Noodle was getting old.  I am not sure if I believe in fate or destiny,  but I do believe that we are shown many signs and it is up to us to ignore them,  or to make something of them. 

 My horse hunt unknowingly began this late spring at the Springfield Ag Fair.   I met a really cool man whom had a pair of Suffolk Punch and was doing a driving agility test.  We got along very well and before I knew it he was trying to sell me a two year old jumper prospect.  Little did he know,  the gelding was a cross breed I have always been intrigued with.  A Cleveland Bay/thoroughbred.  

I let the summer go by,  this little bay in the back of my mind.  Late fall my father called and wanted to meet me at a horse pull in Keene N.H.  Of course I would go.  I knew that bay lived down near Keene somewhere, so I dug threw my pile of papers and found the business card I had gotten that spring.  I figured it wouldn't hurt to look,  if he is still for sale.   I called and he was still there.

After the pull,  I ran it by my dad to see if he wanted  to see this horse.  He was game so the three of us went to see him.  I was so curious and excited,  hoping this colt had really crooked legs or some reason to talk myself out of the deal.  He had great legs,  and was so mellow.  Another "sign"  I got this summer was that I got to saddle break a Cleveland bay/Morgan cross.  He had a personality that trainers die for.  He was willing,  smart and very calm.  This gelding I was looking at had the same sire and was known for passing on his calm attitude.

I let another week go by,  this gelding always in the back of my mind.  I didn't mention my thoughts to my boyfriend and he had forgotten about the horse.  My dad came up the next weekend and was pretty excited about the bay gelding.  I decided then,  that I would call and let the owner know I wanted him.  My timing couldn't have been better,  there was another interested party.

Today I brought home the Bay formally known as "Trigger"  .  His new name is Doctor Watson, aka "Doc"  .  No horse ever replaces another one,  but I will keep you posted on his progress..Doc & I first day home