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Test run proves successful

From the dashboard  Sunday we finally got some fresh snow.  It has been about two weeks since I finished my sleigh and I have been chomping at the bit to use it.  My sleigh is designed for road use,  not for bushwacking.  Living a dirt road,  next to wetlands,  our road generally gets a good amount of sand and no salt at all.  After a storm,  it apears I would have a two, maybe three day window of road usage.  I don't want to be out too early and pass a town truck,  or for our road,  a huge town machine.  My horse doesn't spook,  but it scares the crap out of me.

Side of boot The other needed piece of equipment is studded shoes.  I have been measuring and re-measuring Zenons hooves to order him another pair of EasyBoots to compliment his other ones.  I also ordered the studs that go with them.

All hooked up  First pull Test run

Thanks everyone...

To everyone currently interested in Blue Moon,  it looks like he has found his new home.  I hope you enjoyed reading about his accomplishments.  If his status changes,  I will let everyone know.  Getting Blue Moon ready for a new home has been a huge pleasure.  He was a spoiled,  bored  horse without direction when I met him.  Now he is happy to please and ready to explore the world.

If you feel my training can assist you in anyway please don't hesitate to email or call.  I try to keep my costs down,  especially for the changing economy.  Thanks for all the inquiries.P1010910

Another Addict is Born

Jan navigating Fate would have it that this winter that I finally meet a Combined Driving Competitor/Instructor.  This is a sport that I have always wanted to learn more about but I never made the initiative to persue it.  

Lands End Farm in Reading, Vermont is managed by Sue Rogers.  While Sue uses some of the stalls for her boarders in training,  she is gracious enough to allow other trainers to rent the other stalls.  I haven't been to too many farms that are so friendly and professional.

I have taught a few horses to drive,  and  I enjoy pleasure driving.  I am really looking forward to learning correct driving techniques and to bring Zenons skill up too.  Even though I event,  I have always felt Combined Driving is for the real adrenaline junkies!

Jan wanted to learn how to be the navigator for a carriage driver.  He got his first lesson from Sue this week,  and yes another addict was born.  Jan looked like he had been doing it for years.  Sue had myself and Barbara (another student)  set up a cones course in the indoor.  Unfortunately my camera couldn't handle the lighting in the indoor.    Jan is going to be navigator for Sue this March 15th.   Frostbite Series *  Carriage Barn Equestrian Center  .

Contact Sue via email  For all your driving needs...... 

Blue Moons first long ride

Saturday the temperature was predicted to get up to 38'F.  So on my day off from horse training,  what do I decide to do?  Ride some more.  I finally had the extra hour and a half to go on a leisurely ride.  The Crow Hill block is about 5 miles long.  Not very long,  but all new to Blue.  He proved to be brave and happy to charter new territories.  When we did get near other homes with horses,  he did call to them.  Once he even called back to a woodpecker,  silly boy!

It all started by watching Monster Garage....

Growing up on a farm,  I remember my father welding a little bit.  What I really remember is the fact that you couldn't watch "It will burn your eyes out"  my dad would say.  Then I would envision the scene from Raiders of the Lost Arc,  when they open the secret chest and the demons and ghost fly out,  if you looked,  they entered your body and instantly your corpse would crumble.  Then I would wonder,  what if the barn cat is in there watching?  Would her eyes burn too?

Years pasted and I found myself watching Monster Garage on one of the satellite channels I had for a little while.  I have always loved cars,  and a show about modifying them was right up my alley.  But after a few weeks,  the show drove me nuts,  I wanted to create things from scratch.  To fabricate and modify was exciting.  Then like magic,  a flyer came in the mail advertising night classes for adults at our local learning center.  Intro to welding was one,  and I could afford it.

I soon called my dad to find out what kind of welder grandpa had so I could learn on that type.  Grama was happy to have me take it out of her garage.  Although the teacher thought I should learn wire welding,  I practiced on stick since that was what I was getting.  The more I learned,  the more I realized my dad wasn't a smooth welder.  I should have known that when I was about 16 and the horse broke away from the cart that my dad made! 

 Now welding to me it more like art.  Any artist knows that creativity comes in spurts   Sometime I would go down to my cellar and not do much of anything.  I tend to make things out of horse shoes since I have many of them.  But this winter I decided to make a sleigh.  So now it is done,  at least ready for a spin,  and then maybe some modifications.  I really hope if it has problems,  it will be a design flaw and NOT a weak weld.  I will also add,  that the shafts of the sleigh,  are the same ones my friend Dan Kinnen made for my dads cart over 15 years ago.  Dan is a master welder,  and I definitely idolize his skill.Sleigh 

Jan on sleigh