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March 2009

Blue Moon Rising

First time in cart  BlueMoon graduated today,  he officially pulled the cart!  While most of my initial work with Blue was ground work,  I had a good idea he would make a good driving horse.  He accepted everything so well I even wondered if he had already done it.  Since I didn't know for sure,  I made sure I didn't skip any steps in his re-training.                                                                                                    

Today was the day,  the planets were alined at my farm.  The weather was good,  Jan was home to give me a hand,all the equipment was in working order.                                                               More pictures can be seen in Blues photo album to the right.Used to shafts

March Madness

March madness is when you get a taste of spring,  then you get six inches of snow.  Although I have heard sitings of snow fleas,  I have yet to see them for this spring.  It is one of my most exciting things to witness,   I have never had a bad snow flea day.  I did hear and then finally see the first red winged black bird.  Oowee is its screetch.Noodle &me winter