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May 2009

A Touch of Gold...

About eight or so years ago I acquired a "Kentucky Walking" horse mare.  She had been giving her owner a bit of difficulty and the owner was fed up.  She said "if you want this mare take her"  so the next day I came back with my trailer and surprisingly she loaded up easily. 

This mare did throw some temper tantrums,  but we worked them out and we really got along.  Two years into our relationship,  I bred her to Morgan stallion that I really loved.  I know crossing breeds,  especially a gated horse and a trotter might give me something weird.  But Belle and Scotland were two beauties that I knew would make a great horse.

Due to financial reasons,  I had to part with Belle shortly after "Midas" was weaned.  Belle went to a wonderful family that still adores her and her smooth gaits.  As "Midas" got older he changed from bright chestnut, to liver and back again.  At one and a half I sold him to a family in New York that had a second home nearby.  They kept him at my house until he was three.  At three I saddle broke him but they decided they didn't have time for him,  so back on the market he went.  This was difficult for me because he was with me for so long. 

One of my clients whom I have become great friends with wanted Midas.  I was very excited,  but terrified when she fell off of him during our test trail ride.  This didn't deter her and she brought him home.  Candi continued with his driving training and before long had him hitched to her Meadow-brook.   Now I get to continue helping Candi and Midas hone in on their driving skills and experiences.   On the road,  I am Candi's ears.  The more I am with the two of them,  the more I think Midas knows that Candi can't hear,  he is always keeping Candi secure.Candi in carriage 09 Candi in carriage 09 Maya & Midas

A Day for Korbel.....

  My friend came to work with me today and definately witnessed one of my better days.  She had gorgeous weather and a bounty of beautiful horses to look at.  In addition,  the last farm we went to served us champagne in celebration of me successfully backing her horse for the first time.   Trust me,  this was not the norm.

As I lift the glass of bubbly pleasure to my mouth,  I had flash backs,  chasing loose horses down the road with my car,  diving off a horse before it bolted down a main road,  falling off a pony the day before,  eating dirt infront of a lawn mowing crew,  the list goes on.  I will ride my high horse for now,   tomarrow I will put my feet back on the ground.P1011124

End of the Day

Ring&rainbow2 Today was a great day at the farm.  The rain teased me into putting on my raincoat,  only to take it off a minute later.  Then it was hot and eventually cool.  Right before the sun settled behind the horizon,  the predicted thunderclouds rolled in and let go of some heavy rain.  Almost as fast at it came,  the storm left,  leaving behind a double rainbow.

Bow barn I also turned two of the horses out in the back pasture.  It is always so fun watch them tear it up,  literally.  In the back of my mind I am thinking "Thanks guys,  now I am going to have to walk around and push down the divits"


More to do with a two year old

Circingle  Today was Docs first time with a circingle.  Like most horses,  he bucked a bit with the new pressure around his abdomen.  He settled down quickly and soon licked his lips. 

Getting used to rope  Doc has had the rope over his back before,  but not with the circingle.  Now he is getting used to it touching his legs and draggin on the ground following him.  These are all prerequisites for riding and driving.  Note his ear back and paying attention.








Green Up Day!!

Jan and I hooked up Zenon to the  fore-cart to assist us with annual Green up Day.  Our Neighbors were active and already got our road clean so we went around the block we use often.

Zenon waiting Jan on Clean up day!

The start of my day was riding with a couple of girl-friends.  Candi and Elaine and I rode around in Grafton.  It was the second ride of our spring,  and both rides were great.  Candi and Elaine,  warm up the horses to make sure for a safer spring ride.Candi putting on pressure Midas out smarting Elaine Alpacas Alpacas

After the ride