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July 2009

Ode to Jasmine

P1011338 Many people on my road know my dog Jasmine.  Cheerful kids run up and hug her as she runs towards them,  bicyclists yell at her as she runs towards them,  and people with other dogs soon learn she is friendly as she runs towards them.  Most everyone knows her name (for better or worse)   and also know that even though she is large,  she is friendly.

To me,  I call her my little sister.  Most of the time I love her more than life itself,  and a few times I want to kill her because she pulled the twenty pound thawing turkey out of the sink and tries to eat it.  But what can you say, she is a dog.

In my horse training she is invaluable.  She sits by the ring and watches me work,  even when it is very hot out.  The horses get used to her and accept her company.  I usually don't have anyone around to escort my green horses on their first trail ride or ride on the road.  But Jasmine is always there and eager.  The horses learn to follow her as if she is another horse.  The other day Liza was very scared of a log in the trail.  I called to Jasmine to come back and show Liza that it is nothing to worry about.  After Liza saw Jasmine jump the log a couple times,  she went over it.  Jasmine does the same for mud,  streams and traffic etc.  And every night all she wants is a bowl of dog food and half the bed! P1011321

Pumpkins in youth

P1011334 P1011320 over flowing pumpkings


All in the Family

Too cute 11 Giant piglet I can't get enough of these piglets!  My horses have accepted them into the family too.  Each day the piglets go under the electric fence to get the fallen premature apples.  The horses look but don't interact.  Now my one horse Zenon might not be so kind,  so he is not near the piglets.  Once I saw Zenon violently pick up a young goat and shake him.  While this may be good instincts for the wild,  it doesn't work at my farm.Horses looking on

Liza, Doc and Tango are all very curious.  What are these little grunting flashes?