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People that work hard, play well...

Loose few + Jan modified

In College I boarded my horses at  a dairy farm in Orwell Vermont.  Never did I meet a family that worked so hard and when they had the free time played even harder!  Now being full time farmers ourselves, not to mention the 40 hour work week,  Jan knows how to let loose.  Here is "The Loose Few"  hard working people with an addiction to music. Sample the music  


Logan elementary jumper02   

 Logan has competed up to three feet easily and I could tell that he was not impressed with these little jumps.  But he hadn't jumped really in a year,  and neither had I.  I am all about a nice ride,  for him and myself. 

Icing on the Cake

Logan GMHA    If my job isn't great enough,  sometimes I even get to get off the farm and into the ring.  Currently I am promoting a great horse named Logan.  He is all hunter/jumper and loves every minute of it.  Although we didn't win any ribbons this Saturday (rider error) we had a blast.  Thanks for your help,  Linda and Klaus.