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January 2010

A Day at the farm.

Today at Savage Farm,  my friends Barbara and Kez helped me bring over my training cart.   Their horse Sophie,  is a Percheron mare.   She is very green to the cart and under saddle.  We got to work together a little this summer,  but not too much.  Sophie had a wonderful colt at her side,  Kodi.  Now he is weaned and bothering the other horses at home.   Not only is Sophie learning,  I am too.  Much much more than I ever expected about video cameras,  editing and everything else frustrating about computers!

Stepping into the New Year!

For most of us,  the last couple of weeks have been a real blurrrrrr.  No exception for me either.  The greatest thing I got to do was visit my best friend and her baby.  (I almost wrote " and visit her new baby"  but is their such thing as an old baby?)  The baby's name is Anya,  she is beautiful and healthy,  who could ask for anything more?
Anya & Me Honza & Anya

 Anya and Hand

For Christmas,  most of the gifts I gave were hand painted by me.  I had a great time doing it because I haven't really painted for years.  As an early present,  Jan had given me some oil paints and a couple brushes to get me started.  I had some pallets and other essentials from my youth.  Unfortunately I didn't get a good picture of my painting for my mom.  I had to send it in the mail,  not fully dried but at least behind glass.  Here is an acrylic I did that will be delivered by hand.Snow man

Jasmine is still on Guard Duty. Jasmine & Turkey
I also am finally in at the Savage Farm in Chester.  The facility is great.  Since the stable was once a working dairy farm,  it is set up very well.  Hay and shavings are close by.  The barn easily stays warm and has lots of lighting.  The driveway and parking lot is huge.  If all that isn't enough,  there is a Vet in the front of the building,  I just can not say enough great things about it.

Riding in the indoor has been a pleasant change.  Soon I will have more pictures.P1011640