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February 2010

New Face on the Farm

A couple weeks ago,  Jan and I brought home a 7 month old German Shepherd to foster care.  Friends of ours breed German Shepherds.  It had dawned on me that maybe one of the dogs would need foster care and socialization.  I didn't want to commit to a "new" dog  if it didn't get along with our precious "Jasmine".  This was a great way to get one dog socialized and give our dog a chance at a new friend.

Things have gone pretty smoothly.  Jasmine and Gretchen are finally starting to play and share space (the couch).  Gretchen has a lot to learn but she has taught us a lot too.  A clean house is one where things don't get chewed up.  Although  it reminds me, of a friends house,  where it is so clean,  the dog decided to chew up the entire couch!  In that case,  maybe it is good to have socks laying around.

When I am so tired from work,  the young dog can always get me to play,  just like she can for Jasmine. Gretch&Jasmine Gretch&Jan Trio