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March 2010

Claudius weeks five and six

Weeks five and six for Claudius introduced blinkers (blinders -winkers etc) and eventually his four-wheel marathon wagon.  Going from a two wheeled vehicle to a double axle is a big deal.  A horse can easily jack knife a four wheeled vehicle if he doesn't have patience to stand.  If a horse is reluctant to pass through a puddle it can also make for a rough ride.  Claudius is off to a good start.  I look forward to bringing him out into the real world.

Bingas Babies

Honza & piggies Jan warmed up two before they could be turned out with the others.  Its kind of like all natural "heat" lights.  Thats what you get for sleeping in Jan!  He had no choice when I tucked them into his armpits,  but really,  Jan loved it! 
Binga has a healthy litter of seven piglets.  Although three where accidently crushed by Binga,  nature provides what Binga can handle( she also had a few still borns).  Often times pig "experts"  tell me to put up a bar so she can't crush them.  In reality,  the piglets are crushed before they even make it to the other side of the bar.  Pigs that are raised in crates never get to nurture or nuzzle their babies,  but rather are Pez dispensers of milk.  My farms' main purpose is to give "food" animals a natural life.  If I am going to eat meat,  it will come from happy,  healthy animals.  So thank you Binga for the next seven families you will graciously feed.