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Liza at her first show

Liza's first RibbonIn the past few months,  Liza has really come into her own.  Little things that worried her have long moved into the back of her mind.  Her self- confidence is strong,  and today she really proved that to me. 

Liza and I went to GMHA for a Schooling Jumper show.  We entered the Puddle Jumpers division,  2' to 2' 3".  The classes were back to back,  very nice.  My friend Barbara met me at the show.  She took my pictures and videos,  and most importantly was my moral support! 

Liza was a cool cat.  She looked around and soaked up the new experiences.  I couldn't have been more proud of her.  We pinned a 3rd and a 6th place.  With this experience under our belt, we can now focus on correct leads, flying changes, pace, etc.  but that's the fun of it all.

A 2009 New Years Resolution Fulfilled!!!!

Ribbons 2 
 Besides finally writing a new "post",  another miracle has happened.  Zenon and I competed in our first driving show.  This was a 2 phase,  Dressage and Cones. Norm Katz held this non-sanctioned event  held at at  her farm.

  Zenon and I got the highest score for dressage for both divisions!  We had the second fastest score for cones for our division.  I will also add,  we had the widest cart and the cones were not adjusted for carriage width difference.  I had so much fun and am so proud of Zenon. 

Other horses and ponies were a Dales Pony,  Morgans,  Curly Pony, Lusitano and a Connemara Pony.  My father also drove Zenon in the cones class for fun, he did great,  especially considering he had only ten minutes of warm up before the event.