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August 2010

Apprenticing to a Pro

Still truckingA couple of weeks ago,  I got a call from Sue Lathrop,  a well known and respected driver. Sue's navigator was injured and could not be ready for the CDE at GMHA the weekend of August 27-29.  Sue and I had met at my first driving show a few weeks back.  She was the judge at the show and found out I was a very enthusiastic newbie to the driving world.  Sue asked me to be her navigator and I didn't hesitate to say yes.

I learned to train horses when I was in high school.  I worked at a small Thoroughbred breeding farm.  Hands-on learning is the best.  I knew the moment I said yes to Sue I would be learning a new field of horsemanship that would be as exhilarating to me as when I was first learning to start horses under saddle.

Morning Obstical 2 Obstical 1 Walking the course was much more complex than finding a line through an event course where maybe there are  one or two options.  This was four obstacles in one.  It was my responsibility to keep my driver on course if she had a "senior" moment. 

Ready to goStart Start 2nd phase  Cool down
Sue Lathrup & Townshends Doc Marathon


Andalusian-Thoroughbred mare, what happens in 30 days

"Tango" is a four year old Andalusian Thoroughbred mare at my house for her first official 30 days in training.  This mare has had a lot of handling and isn't wild like some of the horses I work with.  It is her first time away from her home and she is nervous.  I am always reminded of how some horses adjust quickly and some don't.  I usually like to keep horses in training seperate from my horses so they really bond to me.  But in some cases,  you can just tell they need a horse companion.  The last horse that came to me,  and this one both have my "Noodle" as a pasture mate.  He keeps every one calm and that keeps my neighbor happy.  No one wants to hear whinnying all day and night!Good girl Longing Whoa and stand

Work area First steps

Templeton debuts under saddle

Saturday July 31st,  GMHA hosted day one of a two day Connemara show.  Invited were a couple other pony breeds including Dales Ponies.  Harriet Grannick is the proud owner of two full brothers,  Templeton and Quincy.  With only a little official prep time,  Templeton and I competed in training level dressage and a cross rail jumping class.    
Waiting 4 dressage Templeton