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November 2010

Pair Verses Team

When one is trying to learn new things,  I have found it is best to keep your mouth shut and listen.  This is for two reasons,  first:  you can't learn if you are talking,  and second: you might say something dumb.  Through observation,  I quickly caught on that in the driving world,  a pair of horses is two,  not a team of horses that I would have blurted out if I didn't follow my own rules!

Last month my friend Harriet and I went to drive her Dales ponies as a pair.  For the past two months Templeton and Quincy have been under the great training hands of Larry Poulin.  Now it was time for us to take the reins.  Harriet has driven pairs in the past;  she helped introduce the Friesian breed to the American driving world.  I on the other hand had not.  

Larry taking reins 
Larry 2 
 Learning 2 modified 2

Me learning