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Hello again

  It has been three months since I have tackled my blog.  So much has happened I don't know where to begin.  I will start with the most fun.  I have  Tennyson Jan2011 a new pony at my farm for Jan/Feb training.  This is extra special to me because he was sent to me by another trainer.  Marcy Baer is a well known and liked breeder/trainer of English Dales Ponies and Norwegian Fjord's.  While Marcy is competing in Florida with her top Stallion "Duke,"  she sent me her up and coming Stallion,  "Tennyson."  Marcys instructions were to "show him the world and get some miles on him."  Tennyson is not very comfortable with traffic, so that's our big goal.  

The first days at my farm,  I did ground work with Tennyson so we could get to know each-other. I lead him around the property to show him the new environment.  Then we started riding in the ring,  followed by  leading him down the road to cool off.  I wanted him to see new places with the comfort of having me by his side.  Gradually I started riding him through the woods and then down the road.  Tennyson still isn't 100% with traffic,  but he is getting more relaxed.  When we started Tennyson  wasn't comfortable with the dogs trekking behind him in the woods and now he loves it.  The first time I went down the road with Jan and Noodle,  Tennyson trotted sideways until he got used to a horse behind him.  All these things we take for granted with our older-wiser horses.

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