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Continuing Progress

Shortly after the last post,  I recommended that Cole come to my house for a little more one on one training.  Cole seemed to have a strong buck reflex that I wanted to work-out.  At my farm I get to spend more time with a horse and I get to do things I can't always do at other farms.  For instance,  I love to pony horses so they get used to going out and dealing with traffic and all other sorts of stimuli.  Cole needed to wear a saddle longer than just an hour to get used to it. 
Cole's work day would start with me tacking him up completely with a rope halter over his bridle.  He would wait in the stall while I tacked up my horse Logan.  Then Logan and I would "pony" Cole for three to Cole 2
four miles down the dirt road.  Cole would get used to me leaning over him and petting him.  Seems simple enough,  but this was new to Cole.  He also got used to me being taller than him, a new perspective.  I also strongly feel that if a horse sees another horse being ridden and having fun,  they are more accepting of being ridden.
 After our jaunt,  Cole and I would head to the ring while Logan rested in the stall.  Cole and I would continue the basic drill we had done before.  A little lunging,  some giving-in to pressure and head bends.  Then I would hop on Cole and do the same from the saddle,  minus the lunging!  Our standing exercises would then go into walking and halting exercises.  If Jan was riding in the ring with me,  that would help Cole  get through the sticky situations.  Its funny how a horse can forget how to move its feet with a rider on top.  After his training session,  Cole was turned out to pasture wearing an old surcingle.
  Cole needed two weeks at my house.  Then I sent him back to his farm with confidence that he would do great.  Amanda kept up a similar training routine.  I hear he is doing great,  no bucks and lots of trotting.  I am very happy.Cole 5 

  Go to Animal Aid to follow his progress and see who adopts him!