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Canadian Chevals




One highlight of my job is that I get to work with all breeds.  I am building up my experience with Canadian Chevals.  Until now,  the two I had worked with were good horses,  nothing exceptional.  I am now working with two that were carefully bred in Vermont by imported stock.  Due to health reasons of the breeder,  these two inadvertently got  put on the back burner as far as saddle training went.  So,  when I got called in to train a nine year old and six year old,  I was a little cautious.  Sometimes "older" horses can be resistant to changes of their sedate life-styles.  While, others will welcome the education and stimulation.  These horses are defiantly the latter. Plus the mare and gelding had completely different learning curves.  The gelding was your typical "golden retriever" open to do anything and happy to please.  The mare DSC_0037

questioned everything I had to ask,  cautious and on guard before saying "ok".  By the third session working with them,  they were both eager to work with me. 

I only make it to this farm once a week,  and I missed one due to extreme heat.  After only five weekly sessions,  these horses learned to give to pressure,  ground drive, and now ride.  We only walk,  but we nicely go through an obstacle course of cones and ground poles.  They can be separated from the herd to work and have good ground manners.  DSC_0085

Training continues and these exceptional horses are for sale.  Contact Chris or Craig at Cedar Hollow Farms for more information.