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September 2012

Wow, a lot has happened. Where to start?

Let me start with today and then continue to play catch up with the past few weeks' events...

Mount Tom

Today, I had the luxury to sneak off for a trail ride with one of my clients who has become a friend.  Deb is always inviting me for rides, but I never have the time.  Finally, work is plateauing,  animals on the farm are at an easy stage to care for, and well, the lawn can always wait.   Since my personal horses are at a farm in Londonderry,  I took my favorite horse in training, "Georgie."   I consider him my step-horse.

Start of ride

Deb and I packed up our ponies and headed to Woodstock, Vermont.  The day was overcast and even drizzly.  The forecast, however, promised no rain and this was our only opportunity for some fun.  Mt. Tom  is a Historic State Park that has beautiful foot paths and carriage roads.  I wish I took a picture of the stone watering troughs: they are amazing.

@ watering hole

This was George's first field trip off my farm since he arrived in May.  His natural curiosity should be bottled.  He followed me onto the trailer with no hesitation.  Any horse owner knows, this seemingly simple task can make or break any trip with their horse.  Skip is only three and has some great trail miles under his belt.  Both horses and riders had a great time.    

Skip & deb 2





















As we rode back to the parking lot, we met up with some women who frequently enjoy the trails at Mt.Tom.  They were riding Islandic Ponies, a gaited sure-footed trail mount.

Islancic Ponies

Our day couldn't have been better.  We are very proud of our horses.