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February 2013

Tranquil Winter Day


I bundle up in my Carhartt overalls and the dog gets excited.  Another morning of chores on a farm. I'm groggy from working late the night before.  As the wood stove gently heats the house, Godzilla the ginger tabby is playing with the dog's tail.  I open the door to the outside,  the fresh air wakes me up faster than the coffee that begins each morning.

I enjoy feeding my animals as much as they enjoy being fed.  Everyone loves winter,  some when it comes  and some when it goes.  Just when it starts to drag,  little signs of Spring will be creeping around the corner.  Already the sun is more intense and the days are longer.

Cheif & meadow

Chief (in the forefront) and Meadow (in the rear) are winter boarders.  I saddle broke Meadow a few years back and it's nice to be with her again.  I have taken her around the property.  Chief and Meadow are very attached to each other, so it's good to get them out individually to build up their confidence.  


A sure sign that spring isn't too far off is found in the chicken coop.  One positive is that eggs are coming again from my old hens that take a break from laying when the daylight is minimum.  The negative is that Tim, my miserable rooster, starts attacking again.  He got me with vengeance last week.  His spur went through my thick muck boots, drawing blood.

Miss meadow
Miss Meadow
Cheif face