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Bonjour From France

Some pictures from France,  I will narrate as I go. 

Whitecow again

Charalais Beef cows are white while the  Limousin Beef cows are a chestnut color.  Both are common in the area where I am staying.  It is farm country.  The roads I drive on are more narrow than most driveways in the States.


I don't know how old these collars are,  but they blended in with structure of the barn.  Old farm houses in Vermont are about 200 years old.  Structures in France can be easily be 300 years old and still occupied.   Living quarters for humans were often occupied over pig, cow and horse stalls. Tiny towns are called hamlets.  Driving through these hamlets feel like driving into the past.  Except for a couple modern vehicles on the road and maybe an overhead street light,  you wouldn't know it is 2013. 


This is just a typical pretty doorway I found in Lasserein, a village in the foot hills of the Pyrenees Mountains.  In this area, many Merens Ponies spend June through October in the mountains to graze, almost free-range.  Merens Ponies are the reason I was invited to France; I was there to help my friend/client find a pair suitable for her.


Watson Brings Home the Blues

This was a big weekend for Watson and me.  Saturday we had a Driving Combined Test (dressage & cones).  Sunday was an Arena Driving Trial (dressage, cones and arena hazards).  This was our first sanctioned American Driving Society show.  I was happy with our Saturday results but wanted to improve for Sunday.  Not only did we improve, we won our Training Level Division including blue ribbons for dressage, cones and arena hazards! 

Dad helping in Mass.

We have been preparing for this  show at G.M.H.A all winter.  We took driving lessons from Sue Rogers and Robin Groves and I rode Watson for miles down dirt roads all winter to keep him in shape.  Two weeks ago we went to a training show in Massachusetts under the tutelage of Sue Rogers.  For the past couple weeks, I have been riding dressage to hone our skills.  The hard work paid off and competition gives me many more goals to strive towards.

Watson relaxing

What's next?  Well, I am heading off to France to help a friend/client shop for a pair of ponies.   While I'm across the pond, Watson will get two weeks off on a beautiful farm in South Londonderry.  Special thanks go to the Dugans who allow me the privilege board him at their beautiful farm and pastures.  I also have to thank Doug who will be keeping an eye on my horses and I'd like to thank everyone - from friends to family - who help me along the way.

Vacation time in SD