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October 2013

Touchstone Farm C.D.E Results

This Columbus Day weekend was a great one for Watson and me.  It was a typical autumn weekend: drizzly and cold Saturday followed by a little bit brighter and drier Sunday.  Jesse, Luca (dog), Watson and me packed up and headed over to Temple, NH to Touchstone Farm for a Combined Driving Event.  My father and Donna (dad's wife) plus Burt (dog) met up with us there.  We unpacked and tucked Watson into his new stall for the weekend.  Watson towered over the portable stalls,  looking over the walls at his new barn mates.  Narnia,  a Lippit Morgan pony was on one side and two black and white minis shared a stall on the other.  It was quite a funny site.

The Touchstone CDE was our second big show for the year and for our "career" for that matter.  Our first CDE was the August GMHA CDE.  I earned a second place overall at GMHA.  From that show I came away with two big areas to improve.  First: dressage.  It has always been my weakness even in my minor leagues of eventing.  I have always liked the adrenaline rush of the x-country but couldn't force myself to master the dressage.  Well, no more.  Preparing for Touchstone, I worked on my dressage,  mostly under saddle, which helped my score improve enough to win the blue at the training level Touchstone farm.  I am still working at setting my pace in the marathon.   I tend to go too fast but learned how to correct it a bit at Touchstone in order to avoid any speed penalties.

There are tons of non-training prep that goes on to get to a show.  I can't thank everyone enough for their help and support.  We look forward to next season!

Hair stylist: Elise Eulrich

After mane pulled Braids
Elises hard work Humiliation


   Farrier: Liz Kelton.

Liz's custom shoesLiz Kelton

 Navigator: Jenn Sterns.

Another person I couldn't do without is my friend, Jenn Sterns.  She helped me navigate at my first continuous drive.  This was more or less keeping me out of trouble and a lot of moral support.  Now we are really doing something, this is the first year with the marathon stage. Finally, we get to let it rip a little!  


Jenn & maya

Up Mount Ephraim: Elise & Watson, Meadow & Me

Top of mountain
 Elise and I headed out for a great local trail ride up Mount Ephraim.  She rode Watson and I rode Meadow.  Dirt roads, a highway crossing and deep mud were just the beginning.  I don't do this trail enough to know that there was an alternative route around the steep ledge near the top of the mountain.  Meadow and Watson slowly picked their footing to take us to the top.  We were all rewarded with a 360 degree panoramic view of the area.  We could see Okemo Mountain,  Stratton,  Ascutney and even Killington Mountain.  Meadow stood like a statue and seemed to soak up the scenery.  Watson reminded us he was a six year old and pawed the ground to tell us he had seen enough.

Almost there

A couple times on the trip we had to stop so I could adjust Meadow's boots.  Each time I got off, she was relaxed while I tugged and tightened her boots.  She just seemed to know I was trying to make her feel better.  We found a better trail down the ledge.  Meadow lead the way, confident and pleased with the hike.  I kept thinking back to the spring and how she couldn't leave her pasture-mate with out being nervous.  I was so proud of her maturing and  proving to become a real trail horse.   Elise enjoying view

Meadow top ephraim