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April 2014

Fall Review, Spring Motivation.


Watching last Fall's competition helps get me motivated for this Spring.  Getting focused and having self discipline can be tough after a long winter. Luckily, we have Robin Groves to "whip" us back into shape. Here we are at a Wheel Runner's Lesson. 


Mother's Day weekend is my first show for 2014. Driving Combined Test for Saturday May 10th consists of Dressage and a Cones Course.  Arena Driving Trial for Sunday the 11th consists of Dressage, Cones and Arena.   The arena will have two hazards that are timed.  Come support all of us and enjoy an afternoon at beautiful Green Mountain Horse Association in South Woodstock.

Winter Work Coming To An End

For the grunt of the winter, I did some training at the facilities of Circle F Stable in Wallingford, Vermont. Watson and I honed in on our riding and driving dressage basics.  I got to finish a fall project of getting a four year old Morgan-Percheron cross driving.  It was Kodi's first time off his farm.  Boy was he in for a surprise. 253_2506

Rose is a driving Morgan mare that I ride.  Through saddle work I can more easily encourage bending,  softening to pressure and just relaxing.  Her owner and I would consult about how Rose was doing.  On the days I didn't ride her,  Barbara would drive her.  Skip is a five year old Quarter-Belgian that I am working with to refine his ring work.  Skip has really improved his canter and transitions.  He has a mastered the bend off your leg when changing rein. Yesterday, I got to take Skip out on the trail while my friend rode Watson.  The wind was howling but both horses really enjoyed the time out of the ring.  

I know next winter sounds a long way away,  but it is not too early to book training time with me there. There is a two month minimum for starting horses under-saddle or for driving.  Have your horse ready for next spring!