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June 2014

My Latest, Proudest Moment

I have been training Jack for some time now.  We have been very thorough with his desensitizing and making sure he was comfortable with his job.  Jack is inherently suspicious of anything new or of anything touching him.  I had to make sure every i was dotted and t was crossed during his training.  I know all too well that swiss cheese training leads to getting hurt!

Patience,  calmness and faith in Jack is what he needed.  One day he finally just took a deep breath,  let it out and was a changed horse.  Now he is so relaxed in his harness I can't believe we did it!  Jack has made me a better horse trainer.  

Maya's Big Week


Scan 1As luck would have it, I finally broke a bone, my fibula to be exact.  I figure I have fallen off at least 50 times in the past 15 years alone,  so my time was due.  To improve my recovery and decrease my chance for early arthritis,  Dr Dwyer at Springfield Hospital put in a plate to help mend my bone and improve my ligiment recovery.  On the day of my scheduled surgery,  my Morgan mare, Chloe foaled her filly.  We do not have a name for her as of yet.  This filly is sired by Cleveland Bay Stoneridge Bendigalla.  Therefore,  this filly and my Watson are half siblings. 253_2736 253_2741