Lyra growing up
Winter on the farm

A Pony For Winter

"Teddy" has come to my farm to learn how to drive and to learn all the manners that come with it.  He will follow me to Circle F Stables to continue his training through the winter.  Teddy is a great representation of the Norwegian Fjord breed.  He is well built, has a sweet personality and lets his "pony" characteristics out when you're not paying attention!





DSC07683I like to introduce driving to a horse with an open bridle.  Even though I will put blinkers on eventually,  I feel horses understand steering more quickly when they can see you guide them through body positioning.  Plus, it can be more reassuring to them. 

DSC07694Teddy and I will continue the ground work and driving until he can do it around the property and down the road.  Working through real-life, outside-the-ring distractions is key before introducing more tack.


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