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March 2015

Chloe- Morgan Mare for Sale or Lease


The past three months of training have developed Chloe into a horse with more self  confidence,  rhythm and building balance.  Before now,  she was green broke to ride but had no life experiences.  Seperating her from the herd lead to a nervous little horse that couldn't focus.  Physically Chloe could do anything,  getting her mental side to be able to handle it took some time and patience.  

Debbie Frederick has been helping Chloe relax with ground work sessions.  It was fun to watch Chloe's head come down and her whinnying subside as she worked with Debbie.  Until then,  Chloe really had only worked with me.  The desensitizing and being worked by a new person opened Chloes view on her sheltered world.

Chloe now is steady at the trot and really developing the canter.  She has now worked in the ring with many different horses.  Having a sensitive mouth,  Chloe still needs a balanced rider whom hands are independent of their seat.  

IMG_0087Chloe over cross rails.

IMG_0162Chloe working on her canter.