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June 2015

Very Busy Mares

The past few weekends have been back to back shows for two of my mares in training.  Last weekend Crystal, my Percheron/Curly cross made it to our second driving show.  The first successful debut was on our home turf of G.M.H.A,  while this show was new territory for both of us at Addison Field Days Fair Grounds.  Crystal and I spent the night in the roomy stalls and had a great morning on the lovely Field Days. My neighbors around us were very friendly and helpful.  Like always,  Crystal was very cooperative and easy to handle.  Hosted by the Champlain Valley Horse Shows,  this club is offering many classes and now adding carriage driving to their prize list.  Please support CVHS by participating at this wonderful summer series.

My other mare in training is Missie,  a 12 year old Standardbred.  Missie and I have been training at home and have made it to one group lesson with Robin Groves.  Wilson and Robin Groves hosted a Continuous Drive Event this weekend at their farm. I knew this would be a good showing for Missie because she is great at going down the road for the pace section of the drive.  We performed a judged Preliminary Dressage test 2 between the 6 k paces.  The competition ended with a pick your own route cones course.  Missie was tired but great!  New to us was crossing a covered bridge (twice).


I am very proud of my girls!  They are both for sale due to health reasons with owners.  These horses could give much fun for a long time to the right owner.  Both horses are also great riding horses.