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August 2015

August Combined Drive Begins!

Friday night Missie and I settled in at GMHA.  While she ate and looked around,  I unpacked the truck and trailer.  Later I walked the cones course for the following day and got my bearings straight on where I should be at what time for Saturday.  My friend Debbie Frederick took on the task of being my groom/navigator for the weekend.  It sounds fun and easy at first,  I'll see if she is still chipper by the end of Sunday!  I couldn't do it with out her and I am most appreciative of her endless help.  We went to the competitors briefing and then out to dinner which was highly needed!   IMG_0645

The best part about Dressage is that we get to dress up.  Look how nice we look!

Chaps Benefit Ride

The Chaps Riding Club puts on a great annual ride to support a local nonprofit.  This year is the Springfield Humane Society.  The ride starts and ends at the beautiful Wellwood Orchard.  They are gracious enough to let us all park our trailers and stay for a lunch at the end.  My friend Muriel and I will be taking Crystal and Missie respectively.  It will be our first large group outing with these mares that is not a horse show.  The weather looks great! IMG_0361