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December 2015

Trail ride in December!

While we commented on how cold it was,  we had to remind ourselves that it was December 16th and we shouldn't even be able to do this!  With roads clear and fields dry,  a couple of my friends/clients and I decided to make the most of the extended mild conditions and plan a trail ride.  This was especially monumental because two them started out just a couple months ago as clients that had not much experience with their horses.  Now they are trailering their horses to new places and exploring the great outdoors.  It was super fun to see them maneuver a steep down hill that neither of them was convinced they could do.  Try replicating that in the ring!  A special thanks to Barbara whom hosted the event and then at the last minute wasn't feeling up for the ride.  She was a great sport and from the sidelines took pictures and started making plans for the spring. FullSizeRender-28