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One-Line Bio

I am a horse trainer and farmer with a B.S. in Environmental Biology.


My life has many inherent, seasonal surprises. Every spring is flooded with life and new beginnings. Every winter is a closure of the season before. For now, horse training and farming are my glory.

I grew up on a farm simular to my own but in western New York on Lake Ontario. Our entire family rode and drove our horses and ponies. At 15, my mother introduced me one of my biggest influences. He endowed me with the knowledge to train horses patiently. I worked for this hobby Thoroughbred breeder for a couple years where he taught me how to start the horses for saddle, When they came back from the track, we taught them to be jumpers or trail horses. I still have a soft spot for Thoroughbreds.

Through college I continued to help people with their horses to work off board for Noodle and Zenon, horses from my high school days that I still have today.
Each horse I work with has taught me so many things. Some of my "hardest" horses to get through to end up being the most rewarding ones to work with. As I mature, I have also learned to understand people better too. All in all, my job is very rewarding and I am doing exactly what I want to do.


I am fascinated by ecology. Every action we take will be felt by everything on this planet. Horse training and working with people follows a very similar manner. I have been working with horses since I was a small child. I have been professionally training horses to ride and drive for thirteen years. Almost ten years ago I started competing in Combined Driving. I enjoy working with owners whom are new at horsemanship as well as those whom compete at a higher level than me.