Past students current achievements


Just this spring I started Canela a Mustang gelding driving.  His owner is also new to the sport.  This autumn they are hitching and driving solo in the ring.  Carol has since had both hips replaced and is recovering.  Next spring I am positive Canela won't miss a beat and be out driving again.

Early spring/late winter I started Kapri a Haflinger mare driving.  Her owner Lorraine is an experienced driver.  Here the two of them are enjoying a group lesson called Wheel Runners.  These lessons are hosted at Green Mountain Horse Association and given by Robin Groves.

Fall riding is the best and whom better to do it on than a mare I raised from birth!  My friend Kirby bought Lyra a Cleveland Bay/Morgan when she was green broke at the age of 3.  Last summer they got to know each other mostly doing ring work and a little trail.  This summer Lyra is tackling rough terrain learning where to put her feet and how to carry herself.  

Impy Graduates


Impy is a five year old pony of breeding I do not know.  He came to me already knowing how to be ridden.  His owner had started him ground driving and pulling a drag.  Due to a chaotic time in her life,  Impy's owner just couldn't be consistant with his training.  She decided to have me finish what she had started.  Within a few weeks of redundent lessons,  Impy and I got to know eachother,  trust one another and sucessfully he learned to drive.  Now that driving in a ring is understood,  we will start introducing horses into the ring,  and eventually we will head out together through the fields and down the roads.  I have already ground driven Impy a few times down the road.  I figure I easliy ground drive at least ten miles before I hitch a horse.

Coaching with Caleb



I met Caleb when I was assigned to be his groom last October in Newport Rhode Island.  He was one of six horses used four at a time for Coaching in the Historic Mansion Tours.  A bit of a busy body Caleb did best when he was working.  Standing hitched to a carriage with his buddies for long durations was not his thing,  hence he is on to a new career.  As soon as I found out he was available for sale,  I bought him as a sale project.  I already new he was fun,  social and experienced.  I truly enjoy figuring out what would be his next adventure.

IMG_4903 IMG_4897 Screen Shot 2019-09-03 at 8.50.30 AM


Canela- this months "Student of the Month"



Last summer riding


beauty in blue

As a three year old, Canela a Mustang gelding was sent to me last summer for starting under saddle.  He pretty much was a trainers dream.  Canela was curious and enjoyed human company.  His adoptive mom had handled him often but still let him be a horse.   Carol also  had future goals to have him taught to drive as a four year old.  So while here for saddle training I did a lot of ground driving to set him up for  following years education.

This summer with a little recap,  Canela was hitched to a cart in three weeks.  His biggest problem is flies, hence his skirt and bonnet as I like to call it.  A true sense of pride comes over me when I see Carol successfully driving Canela at her place.

learning the ropes



Driving accomplishments this winter 2018-2019

Chloe driving Chloe is my 13 year old Morgan mare.  I have been saying for a few years now that I'm going to teach her to drive.  I can now check that off my list!

Kit in marathonI took Kit on as a training project~future sale horse.  She already had a little training as a two year old.  Now at four we are building on her good start. Lad hitched


Lad is a 12 year old Dales Pony.  He was sent to me for driving training.  He is an accomplished riding mount.  We got him hitched and driving at the walk by the end of a month.  He will come back in the future to build on what he learned.

New 2017 80' x 160' riding-driving ring




The site work had to fall within the boundaries of our land not declared Vermont Land Trust,  and Current Use.  While this only left us 5 acres to work with, it turned out to be a wonderful spot for a ring.  Horses fall under agriculture in the view of VLT and Current Use,  but "training horses"  does not.  Deb Daniels Survey helped me locate this precise area.  She had surveyed the land for the previous owners.

My footing is locally sourced which not only cost me less,  ended up being good for riding and driving.  Anyone in the horse world knows,  you can never please everyone and footing is no exception!   While most people are concerned with drainage or getting too dusty,  my biggest concern was blowing away.  M & M excavating out of Chester did all of the leveling,  drainage and surface.

The pressure treated fence was put up in three days by a father and son team from Pawlet Vermont.  Mason Fencing.  Voila,  a dream ring come true!

Short term or long term training and boarding available.  125 acres of our farm includes vast hay fields and 65 acres of woods.  Over 1000 surrounding  acres of farm land,  woods and trails.  Quiet dirt road leading in every direction.  Pond Farm is a great location for riding and driving.