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March 2016

Update on the three at my farm

Lyra continues to learn in the ring,  from the barrel squeeze to figuring out foot placement over ground poles.  She has been wearing a circingle and is still not used to the snugging of the girth.  Most importantly,  walk means walk and whoa means stand until you are told to do otherwise!  Last week we went for a two mile jog and walk down the road.  We passed dogs,  cows and horses.  We had traffic pass us from both directions and we experienced surface changes from dirt to pavement.  We took a break on a bridge to watch the water flow beneath.



Cativo lunges and knows the verbal "walk trot canter whoa"  He is fluid with dirction change and backing up.  We spent a lot of time ground driving off the rope halter.  He learned to follow his nose and not to worry about me following behind him.  We advanced to a bit once I knew he wasn't panicky about ropes, or me tripping behind him!  He also wears my heavy western saddle.  I like to be able to do head bends with Cativo while I stand in the iron.  We continue to stand.  I'll change the saddle to english before I throw a leg over.



Chloe has relaxed a bit.  She actually has long moments of head down relaxation.  We have gone down the road a few times. Twice alone and once with my neighbor friends.  They too have green mares,  it was comical at times.  The mares took turns being the fearless leaders.  It was great!  I am so proud of my students.