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April 2016

Chloe continues her training.

Chloe and the tarp

Chloe will go anywhere you ask her to,  but if somthing is flapping or skidding across the road she imediately is on eggshells.  I finally made the time to teach her to learn to tackle her fears,  or at least  confront them.  A little tarp work before each ride goes a long way.  She may perk up a little,  but she doesn't lose her mind.  I always rode through situations like these because they don't bother me,  us addressing the issue has made her an over all better horse.

Bonnie finds her new love.


Bonnie and I have been through a lot in the past year.  She has over come hurdles many people can't ever imagine.  Together we took on a pony project that just didn't work out in our favor.   As a trainer,  I want the best for my client.  When ponies or horses don't work out, I take it personal, but that's life and you don't always get what you want.  The ponies we took on to train as rider/drivers just didn't take to driving.  Fast forward a year,  and Bonnie found her match,  a beautiful Dales Pony she named Inky!