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May 2016

Mark Graduates


  Dave Clark sent Mark to me to continue Mark's education. Dave had trained  Mark to work farm machinery three abreast.  He also drove singles and pairs.  Starting him under saddle was realatively easy. Besides carrying a rider, Mark also needed to learn to pay attention to his job and not so much the scenery.  Mark was an A student.  He never complained and was always cheerful to see me.  Everyone at Shaylee Stable helped with Mark's training.  It was known that Mark didn't care for bicycles.  Brian started by leaving a bike outside of Mark's paddock.  By the end of Mark's stay,  he was chasing Brian around on the bike!


On the last day of Mark's training,  he took Dave out for a great road ride.  We are accompanied by Mary on Amos and Elise on Paddi,  of course I am on Watson!