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August 2016

New Farm New Faces



Rebel is our new barn cat.  She was born at a dairy barn and is very feisty.  She chases chickens and plays with the dogs.  I just hope she doesn't snag a baby turkey!


Here Julie is advancing her bond with her new horse Shadow.  Julie adopted Shadow from Gerda's Animal Aid. I work at Gerda's once a week training and evaluating the horses and ponies that Gerda has rescued.  I take much pleasure in seeing and helping the horses and new owners have a successful future together.


Pearl is actually at the indoor Shaylee Stable in Chester Vermont.  Pearl is an absolute dream to work with.  A refined Thoroughbred that had a short career as a Turf racer.  She left the race scene mentally and physically fit for a new job.  Her owner Stacia has done a great job acclimating her into a slow paced lifestyle.  Pearl is with me to possibly learn to drive and to balance up her skills under saddle.

I am still "Sensible Horse Training",  but we have moved up into the world,  literally to the top of East Hill Road in Andover Vermont.  Jesse and I are going to keep the name of the farm as Pond Farm.  We feel it is like a boat and we don't want to ruin a good thing.


Here is Selig,  also from Gerda's Animal Aid.  He is fattening up on my pastures and continueing his riding and driving training.  He will be with me until he is an accomplished little pony!