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February 2017


February has set many records as far as weather goes.  We have had extreme snow and wind  as well as temperatures in the 60's.

Somehow I am on par as to where I wanted to be with my horses in training.   IMG_2911 IMG_2921

Lyra has gone on her first trail ride with her buddy Topper.  At times she was leading the way.  The roads are ones she has ground driven and knows very well.


Pheonix is also being ridden around the farm yard.  I have no pics yet but will soon.  He also enjoys going out for long ground drives.


Jack has settled in perfectly.  We are ground driving every where and he is very bold.  I am continuing his desensitizing for having a rider and weight on his back.  I should be riding him by next week.  If my helper could be around more,  we would be hitching him to a cart and driving him down the road.  But such is life.