Every Farm Has A Dog

Farmdog Bengi

I put together an album of some of my pictures from traveling in France.  It was hard to choose only a handful of photos from all of those I took. They are mostly of the two farms Harriet and I visited to test ride/drive Merens Ponies.  

I would like to give special thanks to Christine and Jean-Louis Savignol who own and operate Haras Picard du Sant.  They are very active with the horse community.  You can tell their passion for good horses and good living runs deep by how well the horses and guests are cared for.  I can't say enough about all they do.   You have to learn more through their website:  Haras Picard du Sant

Secondly,  I would like to thank our hosts at Elevage et dressage de chevaux de Merens.  Xavier Paquin and his wife (sorry, but I forgot her name).  They also knew every detail that went into the breeding and training of their ponies.  Besides breeding Merens,  they also raise ducks for liver pâté.  We had duck prepared three different ways just for lunch.  View more about their farm at 

Bonjour From France

Some pictures from France,  I will narrate as I go. 

Whitecow again

Charalais Beef cows are white while the  Limousin Beef cows are a chestnut color.  Both are common in the area where I am staying.  It is farm country.  The roads I drive on are more narrow than most driveways in the States.


I don't know how old these collars are,  but they blended in with structure of the barn.  Old farm houses in Vermont are about 200 years old.  Structures in France can be easily be 300 years old and still occupied.   Living quarters for humans were often occupied over pig, cow and horse stalls. Tiny towns are called hamlets.  Driving through these hamlets feel like driving into the past.  Except for a couple modern vehicles on the road and maybe an overhead street light,  you wouldn't know it is 2013. 


This is just a typical pretty doorway I found in Lasserein, a village in the foot hills of the Pyrenees Mountains.  In this area, many Merens Ponies spend June through October in the mountains to graze, almost free-range.  Merens Ponies are the reason I was invited to France; I was there to help my friend/client find a pair suitable for her.